Solidarity with Ukraine

4 March 2022

The European Festivals Association (EFA) condemns Russia's hostilities in Ukraine. For the time being, we will suspend all our activities and all our collaboration projects in Russia and give our full support to the steps to end the war in Europe. We show solidarity with Ukrainian people, artists, arts festivals, cultural actors and all the people of the region. We act in accordance with UN resolution that demands Russia “immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw all of its military forces from the territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognised borders”.

EFA is appalled by the military aggression of the Russian forces against Ukraine. Since its foundation, our European network has stood for solidarity through the arts, a principle which resonated clearly in the sorrow, the indignation and the initiatives you have shared with us in the past days.

Our strength lies in our alliance and in our dialogue, not just in ‘normal’ times but also when times are hard. In our diversity, EFA members stand united in our condemnation of war. We call for peace.

In this time, when the people of Ukraine are living their darkest hours and many are forced to leave behind their lives, their work, and their art, we feel we must suspend our activities and all collaborations in the Russian Federation.

We want to express our support and solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues, artists, cultural actors and all those who are suffering in this senseless war. We stand by you.

You can download here the letter we have sent out to EFA members.

Jan Briers, President, Paul Dujardin, Vice-President, Filiz Sarper, Vice President
Kai Amberla, Franco Belletti, Alexandra Bobes, Tamar Brüggemann, Sophie Detremmerie, Thomas Hummel, Katie Paterson, Francesco Perrotta, Board members