SURVEY: Festivals programming in time of conflict

14 April 2022

Dear festival makers,

As festivals in Europe grapple with the task of planning against the backdrop of war in Ukraine, the European Festivals Association (EFA) invites you to share your feelings and thoughts about the role of culture in general and festivals in particular in time of conflict.

Your participation will help EFA identify what are the positions of festivals about the war in Ukraine and what strategies they have adopted in recent weeks. This questionnaire also goes beyond the Ukrainian war to see how festivals have reacted or are reacting to other conflicts in the world.

By doing so EFA and its community want to show solidarity with Ukrainians and other victims and address the issue of programming in difficult times through peer learning.

The survey will be open until 8 May 2022.


Feel free to spread the questionnaire, and to send us any other needs, proposals, concerns, etc. We would be happy to share your thoughts around us.