Digital Arts displayed in Criatech and Prisma / Art Light Tech

11 October 2022

The city of Aveiro once will again become the stage for the fusion between arts and technology from October 10th to 15th. This month, the festivals CRIATECH - Digital Creativity & Technology and PRISMA - Art Light Tech return with artists from around the globe, forming a route through various spaces in the city and exhibiting video projections, art installations and works of light and sound. The audience will be challenged to engage in a dialogue with digital creativity, technology and Aveiro’s historical heritage, forming a bridge between contemporary art and the collective identity of the city.


The 6th edition of the CRIATECH is overarching the theme “Echoes of the Future”. The festival brings together more than 40 artists from 10 nationalities and invites everyone to meditate about the present and future world through different artworks exhibited at historical buildings in Aveiro. Names such as Thomas Garnier, Lotte Geeven, Anaisa Franco, Lukas Truniger, Moritz Simon Geist and the duo Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais are a few examples, among many others. Once again, CRIATECH will spotlight the city as a territory of excellence in the area of creativity and technology and emphasize its historical connection to industry, scientific knowledge, creative tradition, resilience and the spirit of initiative.

For the first time, the festival is partnering with the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Universitat fur Angewandte Kunst Viena) by presenting 30 artists in the exhibition “Re.Pairing.Future” directed by Ruth Schnell, curated by Niclaj Kirisits and Rini Tandom from the Digital Arts Department.

CRIATECH will be presented from the 10th to the 15th of October. Programm: link


An expression recovered from the Second World War, “Fortress Europe”, is the main theme of PRISMA / Art Light Tech translating a proof of the union between nations and the assertion of European space through the art. PRISMA is a night festival that uses light as its raw material, creating an artistic and playful itinerary in a public space. It will be a combination of light and colors that will flavour public excitement by video mapping, art installations, collective works and interactive encounters.

PRISMA will also present the artworks developed at the School of Videommapping, whose participants had the chance to develop their skills in this creative expression. Public will be invited to explore the artworks created by the winners of past editions, including Diana Matoso - a winner of a competition comprising the participants of all past editions.

The work of Joāo Fragoso e Castro will also be shown. He is the winner an international competition to develop a site-specific installation for the Bandstand at Parque Infante D.Pedro.

Programme available: link

CRIATECH and PRISMA are part of AVEIRO TECH WEEK, an event comprising art, technology, knowledge and leisure, that also host meetings for the New European Bauhaus, Culture Next and Tandem Europe, making Aveiro a harbor for ideas, encounters and networking. More info:

Both CRIATECH and PRISMA are part of Aveiro's candidacy program for the European Capital of Culture in 2027. More info:

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