Impossible Without Youth Award

7 November 2022

The European Festival Awards are honouring Youth projects at festivals.
>>> Apply before 30 November <<<

After a forced hiatus due to the pandemic, the European Festival Awards finally return for the 2022 season. And there is a lot to celebrate. Festivals new and old, spectacular line-ups, unforgettable experiences, outstanding activations and innovations as well as the simple joy of seeing music live on stage again. All this and more will be honoured.

As 2022 is the European Year Of Youth we mark the occasion with the exclusive IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT YOUTH AWARD! Without any doubt there is a special connection between festivals and their young participants. This is acknowledge with this especially initiated category presented by YOUROPE and EFA. The IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT YOUTH AWARD honours youth related actions, projects, developments and initiatives at festivals regarding:

  • Young Activism
  • Young Artistic Projects
  • Young team developments
  • Young innovations

To mark the occasion this special category is open for application for festivals of all kinds and their teams. But also for young artists, youth organisations, young NGOs, young innovators all of them only in connection with a festivals their activities took place at or with. (When selecting your projects please keep in mind that young people are defined by the European Commission within the age-range from 15-30. We are talking about adolescents and young adults.)
The winners will be selected by an expert jury and presented during the celebration of the 12th edition of the European Festival Awards, set to take place on the opening night of ESNS 18 January 2023, at De Oosterpoort in Groningen, the Netherlands.

The IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT YOUTH AWARD is the grand finale of the contribution of the European Festivals Association and YOUROPE to the European Year Of Youth called #ImpossibleWithoutYouth and supported by festivals all across Europe.

Submit your applications for The IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT YOUTH AWARD category before 30 November 2022.

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We're looking forward to seeing you at the European Festival Awards 2022.