EFA at the Paris conference for a Europe of Culture

10 May 2005

Paris Conference for a Europe of Culture: A European discussion among artists, intellectuals, politicians and cultural officials A high-visibility conference for a Europe of Culture has been held in Paris on May 2 and 3, 2005. At the invitation of the French minister of culture and communication, Mr. Donnedieu de Vabres, Hugo De Greef represented EFA at this conference which has been opened by no less a person than Jacques Chirac, President of France. All in all the conference brought together some 800 personalities from the European Union’s 25 countries, including actors, writers, filmmakers, architects, musicians, choreographers, visual artists, intellectuals, 18 European ministers of culture, cultural practitioners from professional organizations and institutions. Estonishing, powerful and visionary speeches by Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Council and Prime Minister of Luxemburg, as well as José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission pointed out the high standard of this conference. The Paris conference is a follow-up to the Berliner Konferenz held in Berlin on November 26-27, 2004, "A Soul for Europe". Without any doubt it has been a very important moment in the days preceding the referenda on the European constitution to be held in France at the end of May, as Hugo De Greef stated in an interview given to Belgian Radio 1. Emblematic meetings like this encourage reflection on culture in Europe and clearly expose the still underestimated role of culture within the process of European integration. At this very crucial moment - with the discussion on the budget for the next 5 years at a European level entering its final phase - culture needs all the attention and financial grant it deserves. Please download more information, read the keynote speeches and other intersting documents at This is also the sight where you can consult the complete background dossier which also presents the findings of the preparatory working-groups which have taken place beforehand. Next in line of those grand-scale events will be Budapest on 17-19 November 2005.