Programmes of Mittelfest and Mittelyoung now available

28 April 2023


18/21 May – 21/30 July, Cividale del Friuli, Artistic direction Giacomo Pedini

Mittelfest, now in its XXXII Edition, explores the theme of the inevitable and possible new paths for what seems already mapped out.

Mittelfest 21/30 July: Presents 29 artistic projects from 12 countries, including 14 world or Italian premieres and 7 productions/coproductions; mixing languages and epochs, and putting destiny and the unexpected into unexpected dialogues, to provide original ideas to a future yet to be written.

Mittelyoung 18/21 May: A unique event in Europe, staging 9 selected performances of prose, dance, music and circus from under-30 Mitteleuropa, thus giving substantial support to young people.

Among the protagonists of Mittelfest: (in calendar order) Vinicio Marchioni, Nicola Piovani, Lucia Vasini, Lorenzo Lavia, Paolo Triestino, Haris Pašović, Mirijana Karanović, Strijbos & Van Rijswijk, Effetto Larsen, Alexander Gadjiev, Federica Fracassi, Erri De Luca, Gardi Hutter and many others.

The two international festivals will be staged respectively from 18 to 21 May, Mittelyoung, and from 21 to 30 July, Mittelfest, while throughout the year Mittelfest continues under the name of Mittelland, with events that give continuity to the festival and identify it as a bridge between European collaborations and local realities.


In detail, this year Mittelfest has 28 artistic projects - 16 music, 8 theatre, 3 dance and 1 circus, to which are added the 3 shows selected from Mittelyoung and the show chosen by CS Under 30, the young section of the Carinthischer Sommer Music Festival - for 14 world and Italian premieres, 7 productions or coproductions, all involving 12 different countries.

Mittelyoung hosts the 9 winning projects from the call for entries closed last February with 169 applications, 85 of which from foreign countries: 2 theatre, 3 music, 2 dance and 2 circus, representing 6 different countries.


Two concerts frame the festival, opening and closing: the opening concert Janoska Goes Symphonic (21 July, world premiere, music), with the exceptional encounter between the Austro-Slovak Janoska Ensemble and the symphonic breath of FVG Orchestra. The closing concert definitely addresses a young audience with Fast Animals and Slow Kids, on stage exceptionally with Orchestra Arcangelo Corelli (30 July, music).

More than ever, Mittelfest 2023 engages in a dialogue with the city and offers three itinerant performances that make the audience part of the artistic creation.

Mittelfest pays a lot of attention to the audience of tomorrow also by hosting an extensive family project in its programming to include and educate the youngest.


Mitteyoung, Mitteleuropa under-30 festival, is one of the most original novelties that Mittelfest brings to the vast panorama of Italian and European festivals: in its third edition it has become an eagerly awaited and mature event to see a generation on stage and, at the same time, to give productive support to young people.

Like the last edition, it makes use of important alliances: the one with Carinthischer Sommer Music Festival, and in particular with the under-30 project, CS under 30, and the renewed collaboration with SNG Nova Gorica which brings the first day of Mittelyoung, 18 May, to Nova Gorica in the small hall of SNG, with two circus shows.

The 9 projects have been selected following a call for entries published all over the countries of Mitteleuropa and the Balkans, which resulted in 169 applications, submitted to a jury of curatores under 30. At the end of Mittelyoung, 3 projects will be selected by the same commission to be repeated in Mittelfest programme.

Six countries are represented by the selected projects (Italy, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Croatia and the Czech Republic), which are almost all world premieres.

Alongside these two national festivals, Mittelfest programme spreads throughout the year with Mittelland, which will be announced as the year progresses.

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