Attend BIME in Bilbao

4 October 2023

BIME is an international music industry event that has been held since 2013 in Bilbao (Basque Country) and, from 2022, also in Bogotá (Colombia). In this way, it expands its space to reflect on the challenges that drive the future of the sector and the enjoyment of live music in Latin America.
BIME thus reinforces its commitment to establish alternative routes in the music industry that facilitate and multiply artistic and professional flows between Latin America and Europe, generating opportunities for economic, cultural and relational growth for artists, professionals, companies and audiences directly or indirectly linked to music.

EFA is joining forces with BIME. On Wednesday 25 October, Roel Vanhoeck from our EFA Member BOZAR Centre for fine Arts Brussels will participate in the debate: 

Music, Connections and Territory. Europe-Spain-America. 

The panel includes the following speakers:

They will speak about: Contributing to the construction of Europe and relations with Iberian-American territories through music programming. What has been done and what is coming next: models and results.
What are the keys in building connections?
Would a screen quota system apply to music?

BIME extends beyond the face-to-face meeting thanks to its DIGITAL PLATFORM, which is active 365 days a year. 

BIME is live music, industry, trends and innovation. An experience where you can create synergies between continents, do business, discover the most promising emerging talents, share knowledge and discover the latest developments in the Cultural and Creative Industries.