Mittelfest unveils the theme of the 2024 edition

17 November 2023

"Disordini" (Disorders)

"What to do in the face of this bewilderment? Take shelter within one's own walls, watching from a screen what happens outside and hoping not to end up there, or throw oneself as a protagonist in the centre of the frame? Or perhaps, like a tightrope walker, attempt to navigate the world, wobbling along one's own slender path, suspended precariously towards the goal, amidst conflicts, illusions, races, hopes and other sumptuous disorders?  The die is not cast." Giacomo Pedini, Artistic Director

Mittelfest unveils the theme of the 2024 edition.
Thus ends the three-year period dedicated to the "Symphony of Chaos"

Instead, May 2024 marks the start of the project that over the next two years will see Mittelfest engaged in the cultural programming of GO!2025.

Disordini (Disorders): artistic director Giacomo Pedini unveils the theme of the 2024 edition of Mittelfest, a word that seals a three-year-long journey, which started in 2022, to discover the relationship between human beings and their freedom, with the unexpected, destiny, chaos and the responsibility for their own choices.

"The last three years of Mittelfest represent one great thematic project revolving around human beings' desire to control the reality in which they live,"  Pedini explains, "which often, with tragic irony, turns out to be a veritable 'Symphony of Chaos'. This has been and will be staged, unravelling, year by year, through three closely related words. After the 'Imprevisti' (the Unexpected) of 2022, which exalted the relationship with what is unexpected or unknown, 2023 explored the other side of the coin, namely the 'Inevitabile' (the Inevitable), the margin given to the individual's choice in the face of destiny. With the 2024 edition, it is the time for 'Disordini' (Disoders), to confront a world and a universe that go fast and cannot always be guessed, let alone mastered".

"What binds this three-year period dedicated to the 'Symphony of Chaos", Pedini continues, "is an equally important concept: freedom. Freedom understood not as omnipotence, but as responsibility for choices, both individual and collective, as a wise capacity for action and reaction that must confront the countless human boundaries, both personal and common".

The appointment with 'Disordini' (Disoders) for the 33rd edition of Mittelfest is therefore from 19 to 28 July 2024, anticipated by the 4th edition of  Mittelyoung which, exceptionally, will be staged from 16 to 18 July so as not to overlap with the artistic project linked to GO!2025.

In May, in fact, the special project commissioned by FVG Region, supported by and for GO!2025, and produced by Mittelfest with SNG Nova Gorica will start, and will continue over the next two years. It is an artistic project that will tell the story of the meeting between the two souls of Europe, eastern and western, who were divided for a long time and then reunited, a trilogy of Italian-Slovenian co-production that will have a very broad outcome, not only in theatre.

"Mittelfest is increasingly capable of crossing regional borders, creating important international connections that strengthen the central position of Cividale and Friuli Venezia Giulia region in world culture and live entertainment," President Cristina Mattiussi emphasises, "the shared cultural project for GO!2025 is a concrete and virtuous example of cross-border cooperation between border countries that Italy and Slovenia are developing. Obviously, our bond with the territory, which is increasingly strong and deep-rooted, remains essential: we have built new relationships with the main institutional, cultural and economic actors in the region and the 2024 edition of Mittelland, the platform of experiences created to enhance the tourist vocation of Cividale, the Natisone and Torre Valleys, is already scheduled from 1 April to 31 December".

Mittelfest's bond with the territory also manifests itself in the increasingly close relationship with sponsors and partners who decide to support the festival, an investment that is translated into local, national and European visibility, into corporate responsibility and enhancement of corporate positioning that is linked to the themes of cultural, social and sustainable development.

It is possible to support Mittelfest both through the Italian National Art Bonus, the tax relief that guarantees a tax credit equal to 65% of the amount donated, and through the Art Bonus FVG, whose 20% tax credit can be cumulated with the national one.

This December, in about a month's time, the spotlight that Mittelfest has been shining on the new generation of artists from Mitteleuropa for the past four years will once again be turned on: the Mittelyoung 2024 international open call will be launched to select under-30 artists and companies from 27 countries.

Worth mentioning is a new entry in Mittelfest team, with Jacopo Giacomoni arriving as dramaturg: winner of the 'Franco Quadri' mention at the last Premio Riccione award for theatre, Giacomoni will be in charge of the festival's textual production.

All Mittelfest 2023 materials will be soon uploaded to, the digital platform conceived and curated by Roberto Canziani, which allows free online access to documents from 30 years of festivals: texts, posters, programmes, photos, videos, freely available to all.