EFFEA Call#3: Coming soon

21 November 2023


Festivals act as fertile ground for tapping into and expanding talents. They are spaces of exchange between artists and the public, facilitate connections among artists themselves and with other professionals. Festivals are alchemists of innovation, curators of risk-taking endeavours, both guardians and intermediary springboards for artists across artistic disciplines. The European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists – EFFEA, an initiative of the European Festivals Association, is a system built to empower festivals and offer emerging artists a platform to establish themselves on the international stage. EFFEA extends an open invitation for festivals to work across borders and create a network of colleagues with shared goals. It recognises that the future lies in the synergy of diverse perspectives and collective efforts. Through EFFEA, festivals join hands to foster the success of emerging artists. 

Applications for EFFEA Call#3 will be open from 15 January to 19 March 2024. Around 50 residencies will be selected, involving 50 emerging artists in collaboration with a minimum of 3 festivals from different countries. All arts festivals from the EU member states, Creative Europe, and other included countries (please see below) registered on are invited to apply.


The EFFEA Residency is an artist-in-residence programme co-produced by a leading festival and at least two partner festivals, each from a different eligible country. It provides emerging artists the opportunity to explore their ideas and creative projects, whether original works or the evolution of existing ones, by providing them with dedicated time, space, and support. Within this framework, artists forge intimate ties with festival programmers, emphasising a commitment beyond a singular presentation. The goal is to establish lasting and meaningful connections between artists, festivals, and audiences.

There are two categories:

1. Discovery: Festivals take an early career artist(s) with exceptional talent and ready to break through internationally under their wings.
The “Discovery” residency includes:

  • training/ mentoring/ coaching with other professionals (online or live), support to reach out to local communities and/ or other features the artists describe in the needs assessment
  • work-in-progress presentation at the leading festival
  • workshop (online or live) hosted by the leading festival that exposes the artists to a minimum of 1 programmer from each partner festival
  • EFFEA Intake and Outtake Seminars
  • Approximately 40 grants of 8.000€ will be attributed to this category.

2. Springboard: Festivals take a mid-career artist(s) established in their own country and ready to develop their career internationally under their wings.
The “Springboard” residency includes:

  • training/ mentoring/ coaching with other professionals (online or live), support to reach out to local communities and/ or other features the artists describe in the needs assessment
  • production result/ presentation at the festivals
  • masterclass (online or live) by the artists at the festivals
  • EFFEA Intake and Outtake Seminars
  • Approximately 10 grants of 15.000€ will be attributed to this category.

Please be aware that the EFFEA Residency does not provide funding for touring.


EFFEA Call #3 is open to all festivals and artists that fulfil the following conditions:

  • Festivals exist for at least one edition and are registered on Register here.
  • Festivals and artists have their official addresses in one of the following eligible countries:
    > EU member states: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden.
    > Creative Europe countries: Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Iceland, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Ukraine, Tunisia.
    > Other included countries: Israel, Palestine, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Please note: Israel, Palestine, Switzerland, Turkey, and the UK can only apply as partners and not as leading festivals. Artists from these countries can also be proposed.
  • Festivals and artists work in one of the following artistic disciplines: Architecture, Ballet Contemporary Dance, Circus, Design/ Applied arts, Digital arts, Film, Folklore and folk arts, Heritage, Interdisciplinary, Literature, Music, Opera, Street Art, Theatre, Photography/ Video, Sculpture, Painting.


During the open call, we will be hosting info, networking and Q&A sessions. In each session, you have the chance to connect with potential partners and artists and find relevant replies to your questions. Save the following dates in your diary:

09.01.2024 - Register here
26.01.2024 - Register here
09.02.2024 - Register here
01.03.2024 - Register here

In addition, keep an eye out for decentralised info sessions with Creative Europe desks in your region.

In the meantime, think about:

  • the artist your Festival will present
  • the category you are applying for - Discovery or Springboard
  • two (or more) partners with whom you would like to develop the project. Reach out to potential partners through the EFFEA Community on Facebook and

For more information: Donika Rudi Berishaj, EFFEA coordinator: donika[@] and Luana Santos, Communication and Administration Assistant: luana[@]


The European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists - EFFEA is an initiative of EFA, co-funded by the European Union, implemented in partnership with 14 EFFE Hubs: Croatian Composers Society (Croatia), Culture Matters (Czechia), PLMF Arts Management (Estonia), France Festivals (France), Festival Friends (Germany), Stichting Caucasus Foundation (Georgia), Summa Artium Kultúra Támogató Nonprofit Kft. (Hungary), Association of Irish Festival Events (Ireland), ItaliaFestival (Italy), ARC Research and Consultancy Ltd. (Malta), Asociația Centrul Cultural Clujean (Romania), ArtLink (Serbia), Sweden Festivals (Sweden), Development Centre "Democracy through Culture" (Ukraine).