EFFEA Call #3: Results are out!

7 May 2024

The results of EFFEA Call #3 are now out: 57 residencies will be supported by the third round of the European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists (EFFEA), an initiative of the European Festivals Association (EFA). 

The third round of EFFEA grants will support 57 artists (individuals or collectives) and 159 festivals from 35 countries, proposing to work across 18 artistic disciplines. The 57 projects were selected in two categories of residencies, Discovery and Springboard, receiving respectively €8.000 and €15.000. Throughout Europe and beyond, artists and festivals will work on their residency programmes between 1 June 2024 and 31 May 2025.

See the list of the projects selected.

EFFEA is a project led by the European Festivals Association (EFA) that offers emerging artists a platform to develop their career on an international level under the wings of arts festivals. EFFEA is an invitation for co-operation between festivals across borders to support emerging artists. Co-produced by a leading festival in collaboration with partner festivals, each from a different eligible country, the residency provides emerging artists with dedicated time, space and support to explore their ideas and creative projects, whether original works or the evolution of existing ones. Within this framework, artists forge intimate ties with festival programmers, emphasising a commitment beyond a singular presentation. The goal is to establish lasting and meaningful connections between artists, festivals, and audiences. EFA hopes that the opportunities and activities offered through the EFFEA residencies assist artists in launching their international careers with the expertise and exposure platform provided by European festivals. Festivals will develop and nurture a network of colleagues with shared goals, which hopefully lead to long-term co-production relationships.

A detailed description of each residency proposal, the artists and the festivals involved will be available soon on the EFFEA Residencies section of the website that already features the artists and festivals supported by the first and second calls.

“EFFEA Festivals and Artists are witnesses to the ambition of the European Festivals Association and European Commission to underpin the significance of the work festivals do in bringing new art to the audiences, of encouraging the next generation of artists and in getting to know each other better post-pandemic and in a European landscape that is as tough as it ever was.” 
Colm Croffy, Executive Director of the Association of Irish Festival Events and one of the 14 EFFEA Platform Members.

Haris Pašović, Chair of the EFFEA Jury, shares a message for emerging artists:
“I wish you courage, endurance, belief in what you do in your talent, and ability to overcome any hurdle in your way. Even when you come to a difficult moment, it is not only you, many times it is not you, but the world. Don’t be overcritical because the world is not welcoming. But there are people like EFA that are welcoming. Europe does need your inspiration.”