Join our #WeVoteForEurope campaign with your festival

17 May 2024

The European Festivals Association (EFA) joins forces with Yourope, the network for rock and pop festivals, to invite festivals from all over Europe to be part of the #WeVoteForEurope campaign.

#WeVoteForEurope aims to strengthen the free world we need to celebrate our festivals and culture. It encourages everyone to VOTE in the European Elections. Festivals can play an important role for Europe by inviting their audiences to be responsible citizens and use their right to vote in the European Elections (6-9 June 2024). We feel compelled to raise our voices together to strengthen and preserve the world in which we can only hold our festivals in freedom.

We created a simple, but efficient and easy-to execute campaign for you, that can be rolled out through your festival’s own channels. We want to gain biggest possible impact by the joint approach: All festivals release at the same time on the same day (Tuesday 28 May - 12.00 PM). If that moment doesn't suit, you can of course join in later.

Are you in? Please send a message to info[@] if you will participate as we would like to include the name of your festival on the campaign's page's list of supporters. The more supporters the better!

You can find here:

Please also feel free to spread #WeVoteForEurope within your network. Festivals and organisations from outside the EU (such as the Western Balkans, Switzerland, UK, Norway, etc.) are also invited to support and share.  

We look forward to your answers and our joint action!

One of EFA’s most important tasks is to offer its wide communication channels towards festivals and their reach towards citizens on Europe and its role in the world.