EFA opened doors in Asia

12 July 2005

The European Festivals Association has opened doors in Asia! Jan Briers, Vice-President and Hugo De Greef, Secretary General both had the opportunity to represent EFA on a number of occasions in Asia at the beginning of June 2005: Taiwan and Singapore were on the agenda: the Performing Arts Fair in Kaoshiung / Taiwan, the Asian Arts Mart 2005 in Singapore, meetings with AAPPAC, the Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Centre and AAPAF, the Association of Asian Performing Arts Festivals, and more than 140 colleagues form the cultural field in the framework of the conference “Critically Speaking: Asia and Europe Contemporary Performing Arts Colloquium” (with the conclusions of the working session on “Different Models of Performing Arts Festivals in Asia & Europe”). Please have a look at the results of all meetings, at the important contact details and other links which might be useful for future activities with your Asian colleagues. We have also prepared some photos for you!