New EFA articles ratified

12 July 2005

The General Meeting of the EFA asbl/vzw (former Eurofestivals) has adapted new EFA statutes! At this specific moment in the process of the transition of our Association to a new EFA following Belgian law - as lined out in the letter sent to you by email on 2 June 2005 - we have the pleasure to announce that the General Meeting in Wiesbaden on 25 June has adapted the articles based on a. the existing statutes of EFA b. the Belgian Law c. the statutes of asbl/vzw Eurofestivals d. and a number of updated suggestions. The new EFA following Belgian law is now formally in place. To make sure that the new statutes will be the result of a thorough discussion, please read them and prepare your questions, considerations and remarks for the GA in Brno: There will be an item on the agenda where you will have, again, the possibility to phrase your comments on the statutes. Taken your suggestions into account, the statutes will be amended accordingly and finally presented to you in Luxembourg 2006 where the dissolution of the existing Swiss EFA will be a fact. From that moment onwards, the transition process will be finalized and the smooth working of the renewed EFA following Belgian law will be guaranteed. Please read the statutes!