Lucerne Festival Academy

8 August 2005

An Academy-Week with a high number of musical highlights Saturday, September 3rd – Friday, September 9th, 2005 LUCERNE FESTIVAL invites you to share in a rich range of exclusive and unique events from up close during the final week of the second LUCERNE FESTIVAL. We offer you an extensive and intensive view of the Academy work environment. Attend the master class in Conducting with Pierre Boulez and the Academy Orchestra or the New Frontiers concert on the premises of the Lucerne Museum of Fine Arts, accompany the Academy family with its 130 members on their excursion to the Lake of Lucerne and the Rigi and attend the series of final concerts with its three world premieres, a pure percussion concert, two commented studio concerts, and the final symphony concert. In addition, there are countless opportunities to talk with composers, conductors, students, and the Festival Management. Program Saturday September 3 FORUM WORKSHOP 3 Master Class in Conducting 10.00 a.m. Lucerne Hall KKL LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY ORCHESTRA Students of the Master Class in Conducting PIERRE BOULEZ tutor Watch young conductors working intensively with the Academy Orchestra under the gimlet eye of Pierre Boulez! FORUM WORKSHOP 5 Chamber Music Workshop with Helmut Lachenmann 2 p.m. Lucerne Conservatory of Music Students at Lucerne Conservatory of Music will refine and deepen their interpretations studying Lachenmann's music under the composer’s direction, after which they will present a portrait of the composer in FORUM CONCERT 5. FORUM CONCERT 2 «Neuland Nacht» 6 p.m. Museum of Art Lucerne KKL Ensembles of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY perform chamber music on three different stages in the scope of the summer exhibition «A Kind of Magic». Reservation required Sunday September 4 MODERN 4 11 a.m. Lucerne Hall KKL Beethoven Grosse Fuge op. 133 Helmut Lachenmann Gran Torso Helmut Lachenmann Streichquartett Nr. 3 «Grido» ARDITTI QUARTET Academy Excursion 2005 1.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. Spend some free time and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere among academy students and coaches on Lake Lucerne and on mount Rigi. Reservation required Monday September 5 «STERNSTUNDE MUSIK» A conversation with Pierre Boulez Time and place tba Recorded by Swiss Television, presentation by Marco Meier Broadcasted Sept 9 2005 In German / Reservation required FORUM CONCERT 3 First Performance 8 p.m. Lucerne Hall KKL Work introduction by Helmut Lachenmann Helmut Lachenmann Streichquartett Nr 3 «Grido» Helmut Lachenmann Double «Grido II» first performance Ensembles of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY MATTHIAS HERMANN conductor Equally deserving of special attention is FORUM CONCERT 3 with two works by Helmut Lachenmann: his String Quartet No. 3 («Grido») and the world première of the new version of Double/Grido II for forty-eight strings. Tuesday September 6 FORUM CONCERT 4 «Neuland Schlagzeug» 8 p.m. Boa Cultural Centre Edgard Varèse Ionisation Wolfgang Rihm Tutuguri VI Yan Maresz Festin Percussion Ensemble of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY PIERRE BOULEZ conductor (Varèse) MICHEL CERUTTI conductor Wednesday September 7 MODERN 5 Atelier Concert 8 p.m. Lucerne Hall KKL Work introduction «Fragments pour un portrait» by Pierre Boulez Edgar Varèse Octandre Karlheinz Stockhausen Kontra-Punkte für 10 Instrumente Philippe Manoury Fragments pour un portrait Ensemble of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY PIERRE BOULEZ conductor Reservation required Thursday September 8 MODERNE 6 Atelier Concert 8 p.m. Lucerne Hall KKL Work introduction «In My Sky at Twilight» by Augusta Read Thomas Chen Yi Sparkle Augusta Read Thomas In My Sky at Twilight Elliott Carter Asko Concerto Ensemble of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY CLIFF COLNOT conductor CLARIE BOOTH soprano Reservation required Friday September 9 SYMPHONY CONCERT 27 First Performance 7.30 p.m. Concert Hall KKL Pre Concert Talk with Pierre Boulez, Dai Fujikura, Christophe Bertrand 6.30 p.m. Concert Hall KKL Concert Alban Berg Lyrische Suite Bruno Mantovani «Mit Ausdruck» Konzert für Bassklarinette Dai Fujikura «Stream State» (UA) Christophe Bertrand «Mana» (UA) Edgar Varèse «Amériques» LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY ORCHESTRA PIERRE BOULEZ conductor ALAIN BILLARD bass clarinet As a special highlight, two new works commissioned from young composers, Dai Fujikura and Christophe Bertrand, will receive world premières. Over the past two years the pieces have been worked out and completed step by step with regular consultation from Pierre Boulez during the compositional process and ample opportunity to test them with last year's Academy Orchestra. Reservation required AFTER CONCERT INVITATION The LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY celebrates its second edition! 10 p.m. Lucerne Hall KKL Organizational Information We shall also be pleased to arrange interviews with the students of the Master Class in Conducting and the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY ORCHESTRA, lecturers, and composers. Among others present during this week so rich in events and highlights will be Pierre Boulez, Wolfgang Rihm, Bruno Mantovani, Helmut Lachenmann, Augusta Read Thomas, Dai Fujikura, and Christophe Bertrand. Admission to the events of the ACADEMY FORUM to open up a new music experience to a broader public. However, we shall be grateful if you could tell us which events you would like to attend as this will allow us to inform you of any possible changes of the programme and provide additional documentation, too. You personal contact partner at the festival: For interviews: Katharina Rengger Projektleitung LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Julia Kazis Abteilung PR For media tickets: Michele Paparone Abteilung PR For the Academy Katharina Rengger Rehearsal Pass : Projektleitung LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY For hotel reservation: Michele Paparone Abteilung PR