Adoption of a Unesco Convention on Cultural Diversity

8 November 2005

The Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions has been adopted (at 19:13 pm, Paris time on 20 October 2005) by the plenary session of the 33rd UNESCO General Conference with the following result: The Convention is the first of its kind in international relations, as it enshrines a consensus that the international community has never before reached on a variety of guiding principles and concepts related to cultural diversity. This text forms the basis of a new pillar of world governance in cultural matters. Results of voting: FOR: 148 AGAINST: 2 (United States of America and Israel) ABSTENTION: 4 (Australia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Liberia) Please read the text in English/ French/Spanish. For more information on the negotiation process, please click here (remember that you can change the language code on the right sight above!).