6 April 2006

Next week, the International Music Council will publish a trial edition of the MUSIC WORLD NEWS. Weekly service will begin in May. The trial edition will be distributed to IMC present networks world-wide. Please find the IMC invitation here I INVITE YOU TO SUBMIT A NEWS STORY! This story can be either 1. a story you have written or caused to be written OR 2. a story about music that is available online, to which you provide a link. This is the nature of most of the stories in the bulletin you now receive. This is a NEWS bulletin. NEWS = something happened, something is happening, something is about to happen. News about music, of course. It is NOT a NOTICE BOARD. But notices for your events can be placed on the existing bulletin service. TO SEND A STORY: Follow this format. 1. TITLE of story 2. PARAGRAPH of up to 70 words describing the subject of the story. 3. The STORY or the internet LINK to the story, where applicable 4. The SOURCE of the story (e.g. New York Times. Mexican National Music Council. Jeunesses Musicales International.) LANGUAGES You may send stories in any language. However, we do need the title in English, French or Spanish. Consider that the readership will be global. You will have more readers if your story is in a language that is widely spoken. A story in Finnish will be read mainly in Finland, alas. We will publish the TITLE in English, French and Spanish, plus the language in which the story is sent if it is another language. We would like also to publish the Paragraph in all languages but need your assistance with that. If you send the story in more than one language, we will publish all versions. DEADLINE FOR THE TRIAL ISSUE: Monday April 10 Paris time. Please join in making this a success. Richard Letts President International Music Council Conseil international de la musique Maison de l'UNESCO 1 rue Miollis 75732 PARIS cedex 15 France Tel. +33 1 45 68 48 50 Fax +33 1 43 06 87 98 e-mail: Website: