Strasbourg (France) 1-4 Juin 2006 Theater festival - supported by UTE

30 May 2006

Festival “Premières” second edition A festival organised by the Théâtre National de Strasbourg and Le Maillon with the support of the Union of the Theatres of Europe There are many questions surrounding today’s European theatre: who are the new figure-heads, the up and coming ones, what are the last trends? How are skills passed on from teachers to learners? Is European theatre still performing in-the-world? So many questions the Premières Festival will attempt to answer through the work of young directors. Some have just graduated from theatre schools throughout Europe – Strasbourg, Zagreb, Barcelona, London, Gießen… – and others have had different experiences of stage work and involved themselves straight into a project. These two ways to join the profession illustrate two of the many realities of European theatre, which Premières will again endeavour to illustrate. Premières rather focused on Eastern Europe last year. In 2006, the festival presents ten productions – some of them still in progress – from Spain, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Switzerland, France and Great-Britain. These ten productions reflect a variety of career paths and personalities, whether the results of national specificities or of theatre schools particularities. And finally, Premières is also an opportunity for artists and members of the public to meet in a festive and musical atmosphere, built around today’s creativity in the performing arts. Bernard Fleury Stéphane Braunschweig Director Director Le-Maillon TNS The programme: 1. No és fàcil de dir, Ñi huhrí-muhrí ? Spain – Catalonia adapted from The Seagull by Chekhov / director Marta Gil Polo Thu 1st, June – Fri 2nd, June – Sat 3rd, June 2. Petit camp ? France adapted from Pierre Mérot / creation & directing Simon Delétang Thu 1st, June – Fri 2nd, June – Sat 3rd, June 3. La Vita bestia - Tuttalpiù muoio ? Italy creation & directing Filippo Timi Thu 1st, June – Fri 2nd, June – Sat 3rd, June 4. Titaniamania – Die Midsummer Night's Casting-Show ? Switzerland adapted from Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare director Tomas Schweigen Thu 1st, June – Fri 2nd, June 5. Year 10 ? Great-Britain by Simon Vinnicombe / director Max Key Fri 2nd, June – Sat 3rd, June – Sun 4th, June 6. Outrage au public ? Croatia adapted from Peter Handke / director Miran Kurspahic Fri 2nd, June – Sat 3rd, June 7. L’Étang ? France by Robert Walser / director Émilie Rousset Sat 3rd, June – Sun 4th, June 8. Happy People ? France author For Happy People & Co / director Jean-François Auguste Sat 3rd, June – Sun 4th, June 9. Früchte des Nichts ? Germany by Ferdinand Bruckner / director Roger Vontobel Sat 3rd, June – Sun 4th, June 10. Dreckig tanzen ? Germany creation & directing Susanne Zaun Sun 4th, June For more information: TNS +33 3 88 24 88 24 et Le Maillon +33 3 88 27 61 81