New EFA publication

17 August 2006

A completely new EFA publication is ready to be distributed! This publication consists of an EFA folder comprising the essential information on EFA and all its members, and of a set of single Festival Programme Cards. The Festival Programme Card The Festival Programme Card contains concise information about your festival and your programme for this season. Every member individually fills out a web-form on EFAextra. After submission of the web-form, the Card is made available as a downloadable document on your festival page on the EFA website within 15 working days and ready for download. You can print out the Card just as you can print the cards of your festival colleagues. Finally the complete number of Cards of all EFA members can be collected in the EFA folder. This system allows to upload your Card whenever you want and to update it whenever you need. Please have a look at an example of a Festival Programme Card which can be found on EFAextra. Feel invited to complete your Festival Programme Card right away on EFAextra. Just log on to EFAextra and click the “upload our festival programme here” – bottom! The EFA Folder The EFA Folder is aimed at giving a clear picture on EFA and its members, on “What EFA is”, “Who are its members” and “What EFA is doing”. It specifies the name of your festival, the city, country, period, and genre, name of your director, website and email-address. The EFA Folder also has a practical added-value: it is designed as a folder to collect the Festival Programme Cards or other materials. Please download the draft EFA folder [] here.