EFA - Art Festivals in Europe under one Flag

24 August 2006

The title may be seen as the European Festival Association’s (EFA) motto. It is a major European network of Art Festivals, which monitors and follows the great ‘explosion’ of festivals in Europe. The Association operates through stimulating artistic co-operation, supporting young artistic managers, passing on know-how from large international festivals to newcomers and finally by expanding international researches on festivals. These ambitions are more relevant than ever, not only to maintain and increase the quality of ART but also to be a valuable and relevant voice of the festival sector in the current European cultural debate, as the President of EFA Darko Brlek recently pointed out during the General Assembly in Luxembourg in June 2006. EFA – with its headquarters in Ghent/Belgium, the heart of Europe - brings together 103 members from 37 different (mainly) European countries to date. EFA can look back at an impressive work agenda of networking - initiatives (more info on One of the next large projects lined up and taking place on 6th, 7th and 8th October 2006 is the Ars Nova-project in the framework of the ULTIMA Contemporary Music Festival in Oslo. It aims at offering a platform for discussion on new music and the commissioning of joint artistic co-operation projects in this field. This is another important aspect for EFA, as EFA stands for innovation, co-operation and mobility of the arts and artists. This year, EFA already organised various workshops, ateliers, seminars, discussion forums in different cities throughout Europe with the participation of outstanding top professionals from the cultural field. Renowned festival directors who play a significant role in the European cultural landscape are convinced that the new generation of artistic festival directors can only grow by exchanging international know-how under one flag. “This is the only way, the artistic, economic and social impact of Art festivals in Europe can become visible”, according to Hugo De Greef, EFA Secretary General, “and the only way that artists and audiences profit”. You may find more details on the very informative and extensive EFA website and in the new EFA Brochure 2006/2007 which is downloadable on This publication introduces all members of this major European network of art festivals: 87 music, theater and dance festivals, 12 national festival associations, and 4 cultural colleague-networks across Europe and beyond offering thousands of fantastic performances throughout the year. Contact person for more information (and photos): Kathrin Deventer, Press & Communication Kleine Gentstraat 46 9051 Gent Belgium +32 9 241 8080