Future EU Culture 2007 Programme close to be finalized

18 September 2006

A new generation of EU programmes in the field of culture and education in 2007 - 2013 close to become true. The European Commission adopted ambitious proposals on 14 July 2004 for the next generation of EU programmes in education, training, culture, youth and the audiovisual sector. The programmes will run from 2007 to 2013 (download proposal for the new Culture 2007 programme. The Council on 18 May 2006 reached a political agreement ('Common position') on the draft decision establishing the Culture 2007 programme, aimed at providing financial support for the European cultural sector in 2007-2013. The Common position, since 7 September, is with the European Parliament which should adopt the final proposal soon. The total budget foreseen for cultural actions(with the overal EU-budget still pending though!!) is 400.000,00 million Euro. To follow the EU-procedure on the Culture 2007 programme, click here.