Timetable - Deadlines Culture 2007

5 October 2006

The timetable has now been confirmed as follows: 1. The conditional call will be out in October 2. Application forms will be available at end of October 3. 31 December 2006 will be the deadline for applications for European networks and agencies 4. 28 February 2007 will be the deadline for applications for all Culture 2007 projects (1-2 year and multi-annual projects) 5. The results will be available sometime between May & July 2007 – the idea is that the 1-2 year co-operation projects will be announced first (June ?), and the multi-annual projects a little later (July ?) 6. 1-2 year co-operation projects are to begin in summer 2007 7. The multi-annual projects are to begin in autumn 2007 The EC is also committed to producing a "Technical Brochure" for applicants though it is not clear when this will be available. (INFORMATION BY EUCLID) For more details, consult the EU website.