Arts festivals for the sake of art? EFA launches book on the challenge of running a festival

7 January 2009

The European Festivals Association releases the third volume of its EFA BOOKS series: Cahier de l’Atelier. Arts festivals for the sake of art? In it, EFA gives the chair to renowned festival directors Bernard Faivre d’Arcier, Frans de Ruiter, Gerard Mortier, Nele Hertling, Sir Brian McMaster, Gavin Henderson, Rose Fenton, Darko Brlek, Tom Stromberg and Ritsaert ten Cate. Interviews, articles and comments explore the question how to create a successful festival today. “You need the enthusiasm, the management know-how, the ability to learn from those who do it well. But acquiring knowledge only makes sense when it is transmitted to others,” as Hugo De Greef, former EFA Secretary General, defines the key aspects of EFA BOOKS 3 in the introduction. All the authors have invaluable experiences to share and each of them shares the view that whatever their differences, all arts festivals must be there for art’s sake. In Cahier de l’Atelier, these men and women evoke their experiences and the challenge of creating arts festivals that enrich artistic expression. Cahier de l’Atelier together with the one-week training course ‘European Atelier for Young Festival Managers’, express the European Festivals Association’s commitment to the passing on of knowledge, and the primacy of artistic intentions. The EFA BOOKS series puts in the spotlight the role of the arts, culture and festivals in the society of today. It contributes to and stimulates further discussion on cultural issues and involves festivals in the international debate. In the series, Cahier de l’Atelier follows Still so much to be done. Challenges for Culture in Europe (2006) and Give, Get or Get off! Challenges of cultural networking today (2007). A fourth publication on festivals and their contribution to intercultural dialogue is in preparation. All issues are offered in the EFA eShop at The books are distributed to a large public including EFA members, the festival sector, national and European politicians, cultural and civil society networks, universities and the press in order to let the voice of festivals be heard. Contact person for more information: Juliane Reissig, Communication and Project Assistant Kleine Gentstraat 46 9051 Gent / Belgium T +32 9 241 8080 - F +32 498 57 20 15