5. FestFlash on Intercultural Dialogue: Festivals committed to continue beyond 2008

10 February 2009

The fifth edition of the FestFlash – EFA’s newsletter highlighting exceptional cases of festivals celebrating intercultural dialogue – is the last and a very special one! It presents you with the results of the Arts Festivals’ Declaration on Intercultural Dialogue: • the Signing Book including an impressive list of almost 1500 signatories; • a film clip demonstrating the energetic and inspiring nature of festivals celebrating intercultural dialogue; • an impressive overview on the results of the project! Furthermore, it announces the continued efforts of festivals all over Europe and beyond to keep up the spirit and stay committed to the support of intercultural dialogue! FestFlash on Intercultural Dialogue No 5 features in the spotlight the Israel Festival. In an interview Yossi Tal-Gan, Director of the Israel Festival, shares his views on the responsibilities, impacts and challenges of a festival in developing intercultural competences from a non-European perspective. Furthermore, FestFlash 5 highlights: the festivals TANEC PRAHA (Czech Republic), MedFilm Festival (Italy/Mediterranean) and 48 Stunden Neukölln (Berlin/Germany). Download the FestFlash on Intercultural Dialogue No 5 here. Keep an eye on the FestFlash that is distributed widely – it is also featured on the EU website on Intercultural Dialogue! To sign up the Declaration and present projects, read the Open Call. To receive the FestFlash monthly, write an e-mail to . More on the Arts Festivals’ Declaration’s website where 26 language versions of the Declaration can be downloaded! The Arts Festivals’ Declaration on Intercultural Dialogue is an initiative of the European Festivals Association in the framework of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue. EFA is a member of the Rainbow Platform on Intercultural Dialogue and collaborates closely with the initiative A Soul for Europe.