First Alexandrina Contemporary Music Biennale to be launched

20 April 2009

From 25 April to 1 May 2009, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in cooperation with the Cairo Opera House is launching the First Alexandrina Contemporary Music Biennale. The Alexandrina Contemporary Music Biennale is organised by the BA Arts Center. The First Alexandrina Contemporary Music Biennale is an international music gathering, aiming to present world contemporary music in Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt. Although, Visual Arts, Literature, Cinema, Theatre and Dance had earlier awareness to experimentation and contemporary trends, music in Egypt is far from being at the same time consciousness. Among the main goals of the First Alexandrina Biennale is the establishment of the first Egyptian Ensemble specialised in the performance of contemporary music. The First Alexandrina Contemporary Music Biennale seeks to present unknown and unheard of music compositions and trends, to become Egypt's window on the contemporary music scene. The Biennale aims to stimulate and inspire audiences to acquire growing interest in new, innovative music and related art forms. The Biennale aims at becoming an important source of commissions and engagements for composers and performers, challenging the consciousness of the time, like all other contemporary arts. Most of the works to be performed in the Alexandrina Biennale are works that belong to the second half of the twentieth century, with the exception of a couple from the first half. Beside the Egyptian Ensemble, four International soloists and ensembles from Netherlands, Korea, Japan and Germany will participate in the First Alexandrina Contemporary Music Biennale, namely: Ralph van Raat - Piano Recital (Netherlands),TONGYEONG INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL FOUNDATION Ensemble TIMF (KOREA), Tokyo Sinfonietta (JAPAN) and Ensemble Modern Frankfurt (GERMANY). During the Biennale, a Piano master-class, and three roundtables will be held. Find out more at