Atelier News #4 - In-depth discussions and exchanges at the European Atelier

30 April 2009

"By the 4th day of the European Atelier for Young Festival Managers, we have established a wonderful routine to start the day with some yoga exercises under the expert leadership of Rose Fenton. Today, we were enriched by the presence of EFA President Darko Brlek, who joined the group of mentors in guiding the morning sessions of discussions. Participants were organised into small groups to discuss in detail their Atelier papers. The informal setting and the relaxed and trusting atmosphere created open dialogues on sharing problems and solutions. Everyone was so immersed in their discussion groups that we almost forgot it was time for lunch. In the afternoon session, Varna festival directors presented their festivals: the International Music Festival, the Film Festival, the Jazz Festival, the Puppet Festival, the Choir Competition, the Graphic Biennale, the Theater Festival and the Folk Festival. The local festival directors seemed to face many of the same problems like those discussed in the morning panels, which made the topics of discussion even more relevant. During the afternoon break, participants were treated to a guided tour of the Archeological museum, where they marveled at the Varna Gold Treasure - the world’s oldest processed gold (5th Century BC). After watching a performance of the Puppet Theater production “The cave and the shadows”, mentors and participants welcomed our much anticipated lecturer from the US: Mark Russell, Director of the Festival Under the Radar at the Public Theatre, gave a very articulate overview of the state of play of American festivals. His eloquent speech punctuated by jokes provoked many smiles among the participants who are looking forward to his active contribution during the 5th day." Varna, 29 April 2009 By Roumi Petrova, participant from Varna Summer International Music Festival Related news: • Atelier News #7 - The last day is the first day of a new networkAtelier News #6 - Another of the mainly highlights: Robyn Archer and Jonathan Mills at the AtelierAtelier News #5 - Intense work combined with Bulgarian arts and culinary enjoymentAtelier News #3 - “We are led by the artists we choose to serve”Atelier News #2 - At the crossroads of cultures: the participants of the European AtelierAtelier News #1 - A dynamic start of the European Atelier for Young Festival Managers 2009 For further information please visit the Atelier website or contact EFA at More photos at the Photo Gallery!