Petition to save the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra

20 May 2009

The Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra (RSO Wien) is one of Austria’s leading orchestras and its only radio orchestra. As Vienna sees itself as a world center of classical music, and Austria’s selling point to the world is its culture and heritage, city and state should thus both take a greater interest in the support and continued existence of a public radio orchestra. Through concerts and broadcasts the RSO Vienna is an ambassador throughout the world for Austria and the ORF in its concert series at the Musikverein and the Konzerthaus in Vienna and through its performances at major festivals in Austria and abroad, with particularly strong ties to the Salzburg Festival, as well as extensive touring which has taken the Vienna RSO to Japan, the USA and South America. With the ORF Management’s so-called ‘Szenario 4’, the very existence of the RSO is threatened. The abolition of the RSO Vienna by the ORF would destroy the individual and important part of the Austrian and international musical scenes. The European Festivals Association supports the “Petition to Save the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra” and invites all festival managers and friends of classical music to sign the online petition at www.onlinepetition.