Mobility of artists: New study on information systems published

20 May 2009

At the beginning of April, a new feasibility study on “Information systems to support the mobility of artists and other professionals in the culture” has been published. The study was carried out by ECOTEC Research & Consulting Ltd for the European Commission in the framework of the pilot project for artist mobility. “Mobility is the lifeblood of artistic and cultural activity. The exchange of ideas and techniques between people from different backgrounds has been central to the flowering of culture within Europe, and also to the development of understanding between peoples. For certain individuals the ability to move freely across Europe has been central to their careers and their artistic endeavours. In some cases mobility has changed the course of artistic history,” reads the executive summary of the study. The aims of the study were notably: • to analyse the precise needs of artists and cultural workers in this respect and to provide an overview of existing information systems; • to identify the gaps in the functioning of existing information systems; • to make recommendations to national and European actors for remedies to fill these gaps with a view to setting up a Europe-wide system of information. Related documents and links: • European Commission on Artist Mobility • Full report by ECOTEC • Executive Summary