Artist mobility project SPACE publishes call for European training programme

8 June 2009

Ten national cultural institutions with an international policy and practice created a new platform, dedicated to Support the Performing Arts Circulation in Europe: SPACE. The members of SPACE share a position in between politics and the artistic field in their own countries, work as centres of information, promote the (performing) arts on a national and international level and are experienced in supporting and running European cultural projects. They share the belief that one of the cornerstones of a European Cultural Policy is to facilitate the circulation of (performing) arts across Europe, and also realise there are still a lot of imbalances in this transnational arts sphere, between countries, regions, artists, disciplines and cultural operators. The SPACE project’s objective is to give priority to the mobility of arts productions and to combine cultural mobility with cultural diversity, European citizenship and investing in emerging generations. Still a young initiative, SPACE will enlarge the network while implementing the different activities of the multi-layered project. Performing Arts Managers on the Move SPACE provides a professional and mobile European training programme to improve knowledge and understanding of the distribution of performing arts throughout Europe. The training programme has a duration of 16 months, made up of 5 sessions (each lasting 3 days) and takes place in five European countries. The participants will learn about the specific performing arts context in each of the host countries and about the challenges and opportunities of moving performing arts work around Europe. They will be offered the chance to learn from and engage with national and Europe-wide networks and with organisations and individuals working within the performing arts in Europe. The trainers themselves are performing arts professionals with training expertise and with extensive experience in arts management. The NEW deadline for applications is June 24th 2009. The open call and the application form can be downloaded on the SPACE website at Contact for further information: Paolo Aniello Coordination/project manager