The role of culture in boosting creativity and innovation further recognised

12 June 2009

The Ministers of Culture of the 27 Member States recognise that a strategic investment in culture, as well as in cultural and creative industries is vital for strengthening a dynamic creative society and creating jobs in the European Union. On 12 May, the Ministers of Culture of the EU Member States adopted Council Conclusions on culture as a catalyst for creativity and innovation. This policy document is based on the second pillar of the European Agenda for Culture in a globalising world. The document highlights the specific contribution culture and cultural players can make to creativity, which is - in turn - a powerful driver for the innovation necessary to generate economic growth, competitiveness and employment in Europe. It therefore calls for a broad concept of innovation going beyond technological innovation as part of the Lisbon strategy beyond 2010. It calls in particular for cultural policies better targeted at promoting creativity, for better synergies between the cultural sector and other sectors of the economy, for stronger links between cultural and other relevant policies, as well as for measures to better nurture creative talents at EU, national, regional and local levels. Source: EU Culture website