Dutch Chamber Music Meeting 2009 focuses on the globalisation of Western Classical Music

16 June 2009

At the occasion of the 2009 General Assembly of the European Festivals Association, the Music Center the Netherlands gave a presentation on "the Globalisation of Western Classical music" in one of the working sessions that took place in the framework of the conference on “Artistic Trends in Festivals” (Vilnius/Lithuania, 14 May 2009). In the course of the EFA conference the issues raised in the speech were discussed further. It appeared that European festivals felt connected to it. Some festival programmes have already focused on its theme (or related issues) and acknowledged the subject matter as one of the major actual trends in music. Following the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (2008) 'globalisation of western classical music' somehow has found a prominent place in the minds of numerous music professionals worldwide. To take the discussion one step further internationally, the Music Center The Netherlands organises a conference on ‘globalisation of Western Classical music’ in the framework of the festival Dutch Chamber Music Meeting 2009' (DCMM-09) taking place from 10 to 12 October 2009 in Amsterdam. The development of a classical music market and a growing interest in this field are a particularly striking phenomenon in China, the Middle East, Brazil and South America. During the DCMM conference professionals from the field of classical music will debate current trends and developments. In order to develop a critical discussion among professionals worldwide, the Music Center The Netherlands launches a call for contributions inviting professionals to submit their written feedback on the text on "the globalisation of Western Classical music". Contributions can be submitted to Further information and contact: For more information (texts, programmes and videos) consult the Dutch Chamber Music Meeting website Michael Nieuwenhuizen Manager DCMM-09 Muziek Centrum Nederland Rokin 111 - 1012 KN Amsterdam T. +31 20 344 60 63 M. +31 6 513 807 35 F. +31 20 673 35 88