New EUROCITIES publication: a journey through 23 “Intercultural Cities”

24 June 2009

Intercultural cities - A journey through 23 European cities” presents the results of a one-year programme coordinated by EUROCITIES as part of the Intercultural Cities programme, a joint action of the Council of Europe and the European Commission. 23 cities were involved in a project aiming at facilitating the exchange of good practices between politicians, citizens and municipal service providers. Throughout 2008, 23 visits from city to city took place on the occasion of major local events around the theme of intercultural dialogue and involved politicians, city officers and young people. The publication presents concrete policies, actions and events implemented by cities to foster intercultural dialogue, and contains 12 points for cities for encouraging intercultural dialogue. This project highlighted the important role of local level action to achieve real intercultural dialogue and European citizenship. It led to recommendations to the European Commission and to cities to make sure that the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue has a long term impact on cities.