Interview with Anne-Marie Autissier: “Festivals provide access to culture”

11 August 2009

In an interview with the Portuguese edition of “Le Monde diplomatique”, Anne-Marie Autissier spoke about festival research, the European Festival Research Project (EFRP) and her recent book entitled "Festivals in Europe, crossing approaches from Edinburgh to Zagreb." According to Anne-Marie Autissier the EFRP research group was created in order to understand the phenomena of festivals: Why are there so many festivals in Europe and why are they so successful? Mrs Autissier stresses that festivals are extremely important because they provide access to culture and access to new creations. Written by fifteen researchers and culture professionals in the framework of the European Festival Research Project, initiated by Dragan Klaic, "Festivals in Europe" offers analysis and tells stories by means of words and pictures, from Helsinki to Barcelona and from London to Zagreb. Related documents and information: • Full interview with Anne-Marie Autissier (in Portuguese) • announcement of the book launch including further information • The book “Festivals in Europe” can be ordered at