Forum Cluj to focus on “Culture and Urban Development”

21 October 2009

Forum Cluj is a platform for cooperation between civil society and decision-makers that aims to gain a new understanding of regional and urban development, one that includes and makes use of its cultural dimension. The forum brings together representatives of the EU Institutions, national government and local authorities, as well as experts and civil society representatives from different European countries to identify means to build on this cultural dimension for the benefit of cities and regions. They are invited to share practical knowledge on how to use cultural resources, and lay emphasis on the potential of contemporary culture and civil society initiatives to effectively impact on democratization processes, social and economic development, education, foreign affairs and community development (see the programme). By this, the event contributes to the action sought for by the European Parliament through its resolution on the Role of culture in the development of European regions (April 2009). Forum Cluj - Culture and Urban Development is organised by A Soul for Europe Initiative and AltArt Foundation. The Forum Cluj is based on the experience of previous forums in Belgrade (March 2007, October 2008), Pécs (November 2007), Skopje (April 2008), Lyon (October 2008) and Sofia (2009). The Forum takes place inside Fabrica de Pensule / the Paintbrush Factory, a new independent space for contemporary arts initiated by a group of 40 artists, curators, cultural managers and producers in Cluj. Organisers Alt Art Foundation Cluj in co-operation with the "A Soul for Europe" Initiative. Partners German Cultural Centre Cluj, Foundation for Urban Projects and Research, Fabrica de Pensule, Supported by Agency for Governmental Strategies Romania AFCN – Administration of the National Cultural Fund Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe Soros Foundation Romania in the framework of East-East: Partnership Beyond Borders Program Contact Rarita Zbranca, Director of the AltArt Foundation and member of the "A Soul for Europe" Strategy Group Source: A Soul for Europe website