FestFlash 6: Festivals world-wide engage in innovative collaborations

20 November 2009

Again, the featured projects in the sixth edition of the FestFlash on Creativity and Innovation prove that festivals are excellent platforms to foster intercultural dialogue. But what’s more, they are excellent vehicles to exploit the exchange between cultures and stimulate the establishment of innovative collaboration activities. Before looking into creative practices and news of festivals from Occident to Orient, from Asia to South-America, some news at a glance: What is the role of cultural diversity as a basis for creativity and innovation? The 6th Brussels Debate came to the conclusion: “Cultural diversity broadens our vision and makes us appreciate the different ways of seeing and doing things in other cultures. This openness allows us to select and absorb elements of other cultures, helping to produce new ways of thinking, seeing, imagining and creating.” Food for thought for a new innovation policy in the policy-making process is also given through e.g. a manifesto by the Ambassadors of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation; a position paper by the working group “Creativity/Creation” of the Access to Culture Platform; a joint statement by the European sectoral social partners ‘live performance’; as well as the EFA statement guiding the mission of the FestLab for Creativity and Innovation. In the most recent Brussels Debate (19 November 2009) Ruta Prusiviciene, Director Vilnius Festival, stressed that “too often arts and culture are not priority in policies.” In this regard a real dialogue between the different sectors – arts, culture, business, science, research – is more than needed! Innovative and creative projects are initiated by festivals all over the world. The two major Mexican festivals - Festival Internacional Cervantino and Festival de México – are two excellent examples of development of new and challenging programmes. They are aware that collaborating with festivals from different countries and continents can only be enriching – both for artist and audience! Lidia Camacho, General Director Festival Internacional Cervantino, and José Wolffer, Director Festival de México, share their thoughts in an interview! Find out which festivals all over the world collaborate with whom! The FestLab for Creativity and Innovation is an initiative of the European Festivals Association launched at the occasion of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation. It is established to spotlight the excellence of festivals in the creative and societal process and to give incentives to successfully fulfill the festivals’ core mission which still is the artistic one. EFA invites all arts festivals to sign up to the initiative “FestLab for Creativity and Innovation” and commit to its objective. Read the Open Call here. Download the FestFlash on Creativity and Innovation No 6/2009 here. Keep an eye on the FestFlash that is distributed widely – it is also featured on the EFA FestLab website! To receive the FestFlash by e-mail, write to .