“Crossing Borders”: Mosel Musikfestival celebrates 25th anniversary

3 August 2010

In 2010, the Moselle Music Festival (Mosel Musik Festival) invites its audience to celebrate 25 years of breathing new life into the ancient cultural landscape of the Moselle with outstanding ensembles and musicians. From June until December the festival opens its doors for 56 cocnerts at 31 venues along 180 kilometres of the river. The festival converts the Moselle region into one brilliant concert stage. The Moselle Music Festival stands for impressive presentations by excellent artists performing at Moselle locations steeped in remarkable culture. It aims to “cross borders and invites for cultural exchanges,” says Festival Director and General Manager Hermann Lewen. “Über Grenzen” (crossing borders) is the motto of the cultural summer in the Moselle region. It is implemented at highest artistic level through a multitude of concerts and manifold programme of the Mosel Musikfestival. Crossing borders also refers to a political historical milestone which also celebrates 25 years of existence: the Schengen Agreement. A special concert on 18 September 2010 takes place in Schengen (Luxembourg) to celebrate the beginning of cultural exchanges beyond borders. The full festival programme can be consulted on the EFA website.