Interview: Bergen International Festival gives impulses in the Nordic region

10 August 2010

In an interview in the framework of the Varna Broadcast project, launched by the Varna Summer International Music Festival, Per Boye Hansen, Director of the Bergen International Festival, explained the special characteristic of the festival as it creates “Nordic Impulses”. “Since 2006, the festival has been trying to be an important meeting point for creating and performing artists in the Nordic countries,” states Mr Hansen. Under the motto “Nordic Impulses” the interdisciplinary festival aims to gather the most interesting artists and to give them opportunities to perform new pieces. “We want to be innovative and create possibilities to develop new projects in theatre and music.” Hansen adds: “But we also go international!” The festival commissions new productions for Norwegian and international composers every year. The term “Nordic Impulses” also refers to the mission to allow as many audiences as possible access to the programme. Hansen states: “It is important that people from far away can participate in the festival.” Therefore, the festival collaborates with Norwegian broadcasting companies that record most concerts for radio and television. What’s more, in 2010 the festival set up a project to explore different ways to communicate classical theatre. Asked about the relation to the European Festivals Association (EFA), Hansen explains that the collaboration with EFA is very important as the Association offers a platform to meet other festivals: “The exchange of ideas and experiences has always been very good and fruitful within EFA.” The interview (13 June 2010) was part of the broadcast project entitled “The Festivals of Europe”. From May 2010 until May 2011 – finishing just before the 2011 EFA General Assembly and Conference that is to take place in Varna and hosted by the Varna Summer International Music Festival – interviews with EFA members will be broadcasted on Radio Varna ( at a weekly basis. Related links: • Interview Per Boye HansenEFA Multimedia Gallery (all interviews)