Support the MZO: Dutch government to close down Muziek Centrum

5 October 2010

On Saturday, 2 October 2010, the new Dutch government announced that it is their intention to close down entirely the Muziek Centrum v/d Omroep, which includes Het Metropole Orkest, Het Radio Filharmonisch Orkest, De Radio Kamer Filharmonie, Het Groot Omroepkoor and the Muziekbibliotheek. The Music Centre is calling on everybody to show support to the continuation of these bodies on their website. The decision (still to be confirmed) would close the door on the entire Radio orchestra organisation and harm the entire cultural sector both in the Netherlands and in other countries. As a consequence, the intentional programming in festivals both in the Netherlands and all over Europe will be jeopardised. EFA is supporting the Music Centre and underlines the importance to preserve orchestral and musical culture all over Europe and beyond. Support can be expressed on the Muziek Centrum’s website at