EFAcast - Athens Epidaurus Festival

In this episode of the EFAcast, Simon Mundy meets Katerina Evangelatos, Theatre and Opera Director & Artistic Director of Athens Epidaurus Festival.

The Athens Epidaurus Festival runs from 1 June to 26 August 2023.

Turning 68 years, the Athens Epidaurus Festival has welcomed some of the greatest music, dance, and theatre artists of the international and local scene, in collaboration with the most prestigious Greek and international organisations, attracting large audiences from around the world.

It takes place at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus and since 2006 at the Peiraios 260 industrial venue which has since emerged as an important springboard for contemporary art.

Theatre director Katerina Evangelatos was appointed Artistic Director in September 2019. Expanding the Festival’s international character and supporting research in the field of performing arts towards audience development have been the two main goals of the current Artistic Director.

The edition 2023 of the Athens Epidaurus Festival under the title Freedom of Others, presents more than 70 Theatre, Dance and Music productions by 2200 local and international artists. This year’s theme reflects on the agony of the times we live in, highlighting global challenges that are both timeless, but also urgent and a matter of priority.

The new festival’s programme named grape - Greek Agora of Performance, showcases 14 new works by Greece’s most dynamic artists from 3 - 8 July and 18 - 22 July, consisting of two different series of performances each time. These daring works push the limits of performing arts, as well as ancient Greek tragedy, while delving into themes of gender fluidity, tolerance, female empowerment, national identity, the climate crisis, as well as the endurance of the human body. Alongside the scheduled performances, grape will also present a parallel programme that involves networking come-togethers, open discussions, special tours and much more.