Our E-magazine "Eye-to-Eye, The Festival Quarterly" gives the floor to those minds that inform, influence or inspire festival makers and making: the artist, the economist, the philosopher, the urban planner... By assembling various voices and perspectives that speak about our state of the arts and reasons why the arts exist, our life, society, concepts, moments, Eye-to-Eye offers a mosaic of deeper reflections, opinion pieces, personal statements that are unrelated yet related with each other.

Spring edition 2021

The third edition of Eye-to-Eye, The Festival Quarterly, is giving a voice only to artists: artists and their view and vision of the moment, the challenges they are dealing with, and the very individual story they share with us.

We wish you a nice read and a blossoming Spring full of cultural and artistic activities.

Winter edition 2020/2021

We start this decade with the second edition of Eye-to-Eye, The Festival Quarterly. This Winter issue of Eye-to-Eye presents 7 texts of authors sharing their thoughts about their cities, countries and the world, about ethics and aesthetics... but especially about the role that art and culture play in our societies. All are convinced that access to culture is a fundamental right and advocate for more cross-sectoral collaboration to integrate the arts in various sectors such as health, urban planning, etc. 

May Eye-to-Eye carry on their voices and resonate with them over the 10 next years.

Summer edition 2020

The Summer edition Eye-to-Eye, The Festival Quarterly offers you a good read of 6 authors who dig into one or another story, perspective, phenomenon or reflection related to our times we are living. 

Enjoy the read, and the end of a special festival Summer 2020!