The Green Euro: Net Zero, Cash Positive - Arts Festivals Summit 2024

This session will highlight 10 ways to green your festival and to make money. A brainstorm and workshop about best practice that works. That really, provenly, excitingly works. Please join us. When we say workshop it’s really more of a party.

Tuesday, 14 May 2024 | 10.30-12.00

Hotel Kaiserhof Heringsdorf - Kulmstraße 33, 17424 Heringsdorf

Last year in the Arts Festivals Summit Peralada / Girona, the festivals and sustainability session came up with the recommendations contained in this report (check the brainstorm results and the report). It will be thrilling to marry this wealth of knowledge and experience about sustainability with ten shots of wealth in hard cash.

This session is facilitated by Peter Florence and Tamar Brüggemann, the initiators from the European Festivals Forest with the contribution of Mikko Laamanen as expert witness.


  • Shahidul Alam (Photographer, writer and human rights activist)
  • Alys Jones (BBC Proms)
  • Marie Golüke (Festival Für Freunde)
  • Matteo Penazzi (Lugo Music Festival)

About the European Festivals Forest

The European Festivals Forest is a carbon sequestration project. It celebrates the power and creativity of the festivals industry coming together to lead a progressive call to climate action.
The European Festivals Forest was presented to the EFA community in 2021 during the Arts Festivals Summit 2021 in Galway as a proposal to offset festivals' carbon footprint. 

As associate partner of the European Festivals Forest, the European Festivals Association is eager to inform about the initiative through all its communication channels towards festivals and the cultural sector at large, and promote its invitation towards policy makers at all levels, from local to EU levels.
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This workshop is co-hosted in collaboration with Pearle*.