Bosnia and Herzegovina: International Peace Center calls for support

19 May 2014

Appeal to friends, peacemakers and humanitarians around Europe and the world for help to citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region affected by the natural disaster caused by floods. On behalf of the citizens who individually and through our and other organisations and civil society institutions work day and night on rescuing the lives of people in our country and countries in the region affected by the natural disaster, we invite you to jointly organise activities of international solidarity and concrete assistance to people in need.

Food and medicine are necessary for the worst affected areas in our country and countries in the region. Direct activities entitled “Direct Activities for Close and Distant Neighbours” are of special significance to our country and region since we are experiences great difficulties and face tragedies of great extent. We need to restore normal life to our fellow citizens and rehabilitate areas affected by the natural disaster which is unprecedented for our country.

You can send all help via Red Cross in BiH and our local partners and networks in villages and towns.

We expect to witness acts on these social and humanitarian activities during the International Peace Event 2014 which will take place in June.

We are extremely grateful to the citizens in the region, Europe and the world for their support and assistance so far and we know that the foundation of solidarity is humanitarianism.

Mr. Ibrahim Spahić
President of the International Peace Center
Director of the International Festival "Sarajevo Winter"