Cistermusica on the road

17 August 2020

Despite all the uncertainties and the impact of the coronavirus in cultural life, Cistermúsica 2020 went ahead! 

Maintaining as principal stage the unique monumental environment of the Alcobaça Monastery and wishing to share a message of hope and trust, the festival has adapted its entire programme to the new reality. 

All the concerts were sold out, which means that the audience trust Cistermúsica and the specific measures adopted to work safely with artists and spectators during the festival. It also proves the importance of culture in our lives! 

The festival has been pointed out as a model of resilience when most of the events and performances in Portugal have been cancelled or postponed to 2021. Cistermúsica and Estoril Lisbon Festival were the two exceptions to the rule.  

This year Cistermúsica has combined the usual physical programming with online programming  thanks to the support of the Municipality of Alcobaça. The festival has presented an ambitious programme from 22 July until 19 August. For example, the last performance presented was the world premiere of the play "Carmina Burana",  a contemporary dance and videomaping show by Vortice Dance Company. 

Vortice Dance Company presents an exuberant and provocative approach to the musical work of Carl Orff, in which it recreates the recent situation of confinement. The company spent several nights in the cloisters of the Monastery to conceive a unique work, which combines the intensity of dance and representation to video mapping. An exciting journey that begins with the entrance of Fortuna in the monument, where the characters are at the mercy of their luck.

"It is a process of great demand and great physical, emotional and relational engagement from all dancers, actors and ourselves. We relive the situations written in medieval tales, in a strenuous and cyclical way. It is a work where all the characters are corrupted by the pleasures of the flesh and by lust, which in a situation of confinement, sometimes takes on the dimension of madness", say Cláudia Martins and Rafael Carriço, choreographers.

We are really proud to hear these good news from our EFA members. These achievements are important to underline in today's context. Cistermúsica is a festival definitely worth paying a visit in a near future!