Festival Cities (a)live in Belgrade

22 October 2021

On 1 October, Festival Cities and actors working around this topic met in Belgrade among which the city of Krakow, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Pirot and Kladovo and also EFA and Mittelfest.

Inspired by the feedback of the vice-minister of Tourism Mrs Renata Pindžo, the meeting launched the idea to initiate a new network and programme of festivals in fortresses in collaboration between festivals, cities, cultural heritage sites and ministires of tourism. Inspired by the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, this project could develop into a new example of marking our heritage, and the strength of empowering sites with real life through festivals. 

The iniative builds on the strong engagement of ArtLink's Director and EFA Board member Jovanka Visekruna Jankovic to connect arts with partners in the city and surrounding cities of Belgrade. The Meeting concluded a tour of ArtLink in the region presenting young talents in several fortressess. 

At the occasion of the European year of Cultural Heritage, EFA conducted a survey of festivals taking place in cultural heritage sites.

Further on, the Festival Cities Initiative launched by EFA is today active in proposing first joint actions between festivals and cities under the EFFE Seal for festival cities and regions.

by Kathrin Deventer