EFFE Seal Survey for cities and regions

25 May 2022

EFA will launch its newest project: The EFFE Seal for Festival Cities and Regions on 13 September 2022 during the Arts Festivals Summit in Yerevan, Armenia.

The EFFE Seal (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) is an invitation to cities and regions that wish to associate and integrate their development and image with a strong festival, cultural - and European - commitment.

The collaboration between a city and its arts festivals can unfold festivals’ potential in tackling the most important challenges of our era, including climate responsibility, social inequalities, humanitarian crises, crises of representative democracy and so on. The EFFE Seal thus aims at creating a platform for cities and their festivals to identify common goals.

Following our first "Festivals & Cities, Regions" survey and report based on festivals' perception, we invite mayors, cities and regions representatives to share insights from your city and/or region by answering this questionnaire as a first step.


The survey is open until 1 July 2022. Filling in the questionnaire should take you approximately 12 minutes.

The participation of cities and regions will help us identify what the different stakeholders can expect from the EFFE Seal, and in which ways such an initiative can be beneficial for them.

The European Festivals Association with continues its proposal to offer a platform that offers festivals and stakeholders around festivals - public authorities, national tourism boards, the press, academia - the opportunity to engage in a stronger daily relations and concrete ideas to work together locally for their audiences and citizens.

NB: The word city is applied in the questionnaire and is reserved to cities regardless of their size, but it could also involve their surrounding area.


The survey on the EFFE Seal for Festival Cities and Regions is carried out by the European Festivals Association in the framework of (a)Live Now. (a)Live Now is a project implemented by the European Festivals Association in partnership with the City of Bergen, Italiafestival, Summa Artium, EURACTIV Media Network and publiq, and co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.