Mittelfest shortlisted for Yourope's European Festival Awards

19 January 2023

On 18 January, we celebrated the success and achievements of European festivals at Yourope's European Festival Awards 2022.

This year, a new Award was created for the European Year of Youth: The Impossible Without Youth Award honouring Youth projects at festivals.

Developed by Yourope and EFA, this Award is the prolongation of the campaign Impossible Without Youth during which festivals have expressed their commitment to young people: audiences, artists, and volunteers.

Congratulations to Roskilde, the laureate of this special award.
We would also like to give a special mention to Mittelfest. Our EFA Member has been shortlisted for Mittelyoung and doing a great job with emerging artists and young people.

Check the shortlisted festivals for the Impossible Without Youth Award here: