Festivals to leave "footprints" through the FestLab

30 March 2009

On 27 March 2009 in Prague, the European Festivals Association (EFA) launched its FestLab for Creativity and Innovation. In the framework of the Czech EU Presidency event „Forum for Creative Europe“, European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, Ján Figel’, assigned 25 major European festivals from 15 different European countries with the FestLabPass. Referring to the enormous success of the Arts Festivals’ Declaration on Intercultural Dialogue, the EFA flagship project in 2008, EFA President Darko Brlek stressed the continued commitment of the Association: “Following 2008, the European Festivals Association continues to support the exchange between cultures, between people and between the artist and the audience” and “will invite festivals throughout the year to engage their artistic and social power and act as strong messengers of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation.” Launched at the occasion of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, the FestLab for Creativity and Innovation has been established “to spotlight the excellence of festivals in the creative and societal process and to give incentives to successfully fulfill the festivals’ core mission which still is the artistic one,” underlined EFA Secretary General Kathrin Deventer. The following festivals were among the first who received the FestLabPass from Commissioner Figel’: International Gaudeamus Music Week Amsterdam, Bergen International Festival, Brno International Music Festival, Concentus Moraviae Festival, Czech Association of Music Festivals, Emilia Romagna Festival, Festival de l’Epau, Estoril Music Weeks, European Conference of Promoters of New Music, Flanders Festival, Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada, Brucknerfest Linz, Ljubljana Festival, Festival Mitte Europa, Prague Spring International Music Festival, Rheingau Musik Festival, Santander International Festival, International Festival Sarajevo “Sarajevo Winter”, Vilnius Festival and International Festival Wratislavia Cantans (Wroclaw). In his speech, Mr Figel’ emphasised: “It is important that we leave footprints in our lives, that we have some inspiration, some legacy, some orientation. (…) I am happy that festivals are with us. They are ambassadors, multipliers of all these great important messages and values. I wish them that they leave not only many footprints but inspirational roads to people.” Festivals will continue their important work and act as laboratories of creativity and promoters of innovation. The most innovative and creative projects will feature on the FestLab website; follow the FestLab mission at and on the FestLabBlog on the LabforCulture website at Related links and documents: • Speech Mr Ján Figel’, European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth • Speech Mr Darko Brlek, EFA President • Speech Mrs Kathrin Deventer, EFA Secretary General • News on the FestLab launch on the EU websiteFestLabBlog on the LabforCulture website • the EFA intervention can be watched at the website of the Forum for Creative Europe at • interviews held in the framework of the conference can be watched at a dedicated youtube channel: • Press release in English, French and GermanList of first FestLabPass holdersPhoto Gallery