Innovative and creative festival projects to foster access to culture in 2010

3 February 2010

The seventh and last 2009 edition of the FestFlash for Creativity and Innovation looks back on the festival year 2009 and gives a first impression on the ambitions of the initiative FestLab for Creativity and Innovation of the European Festivals Association (EFA) for 2010. The 2009 European Year of Creativity and Innovation put emphasis on the importance to foster creative and innovative talents in our societies. Culture has proved to be an important factor in this scenario. Throughout 2009, under the umbrella of the EFA FestLab for Creativity and Innovation, festivals raised awareness of the important role artistic creativity plays in today’s complex, rapidly changing world. Following these activities, in 2010, the European Festivals Association will continue its efforts in strengthening and promoting festivals as platforms for creative encounters and societal participation. In the framework of the 2010 European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion – under the motto ‘Open Doors, Open Minds, Build Societies’ – festivals are invited to send in their projects that increase ‘access’ to creation, education, and participation! Keep an eye on the FestFlash! EFA is looking forward to festivals’ continued engagement for a cultural Europe in 2010! FestLab for Creativity and Innovation – a successful initiative to be continued Renowned festival directors from Europe and beyond have been involved in the FestLab initiative of the European Festivals Association throughout 2009. Festivals from all over Europe and beyond received the FestLabPass, incorporated its objectives in their programming and proved to be perfect vehicles to foster creativity and innovation. The FestLab initiative is to be continued in 2010: festivals are invited to sign up and submit their innovative projects! Voices from the world of festivals 2009 • David Dittrich, Director of Contentus Moraviae Festival: “The FestLab is an excellent opportunity to establish cooperation and co-productions”: • Ruta Pruseviciene, Executive Director of Vilnius Festival: “It is crucial to be active in the European culture arena” • Per Boye Hansen, Director of Bergen International Festival: “To move on we have to take chances. When we do, we challenge ourselves, our artists and our audiences.” Check the seventh edition of the FestFlash on Creativity and Innovation to read their full statements! About the initiative The FestLab for Creativity and Innovation is an initiative of the European Festivals Association launched at the occasion of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation. It is established to spotlight the excellence of festivals in the creative and societal process and to give incentives to successfully fulfill the festivals’ core mission which still is the artistic one. EFA invites all arts festivals to sign up to the initiative “FestLab for Creativity and Innovation” and commit to its objective. Read the Open Call here. Download the FestFlash on Creativity and Innovation No 7/2009 here. Keep an eye on the FestFlash that is distributed widely – it is also featured on the EFA FestLab website! To receive the FestFlash by e-mail, write to .