Sarajevo Winter 2010 is closed - Motto for 2011 is "Art of Love"

9 March 2010

The 26th International Festival Sarajevo “Sarajevo Winter“ was realised under the title “WAT (World Art Tendency) – What Now?“ with 129 projects on 39 venues including 1.500 artists form 43 countries. Tens of thousands of visitors attended the festival. Closing one festival edition means opening the next one: the 2011 festival will be celebrated under the motto “Art is Love”. The Sarajevo Winter Festival confirmed that it plays an important role for the arts and that it successfully attracts a broad variety of audiences and the media - not only from Bosnia and Herzegovina but from all over Europe and the world. The participation of artists from Banja Luka, Prijedor, Sarajevo and Mostar confirms the importance of the Sarajevo Winter Festival for all artists and institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina because they were represented with the best creations in a big international festival. The motto of the Sarajevo Winter Festival 2011 is “Art of Love”. The festival wants to show creative ways to discover the art of live. Through the arts, people are able to understand each other better and accept their differences. The year 2011 celebrates the anniversaries of Franz Liszt. Hungary is the special guest of the 2011 Sarajevo Winter Festival. The Sarajevo Winter Festival believes that it inspires artists to find the best responses to the motto “Art of Love” and to participate in the 27th Sarajevo Winter Festival from 7th to 28th February 2011. (Text by SARAJEVO WINTER FESTIVAL OFFICE)