The European Festivals Association publishes festival brochure 2010/2011

8 July 2010

In time for high festival season, the European Festivals Association (EFA) releases the festival brochure for the years 2010/2011: the EFA Festivals’ Booklet – Doors swing wide open! Inspired by the 2010 EFA flagship project “Open The Door” (, the mission for 2010/2011 is clear: As the major European network of arts festivals, EFA opens the door to festivals, arts and activities in the field of culture for artists and audiences. The Association gives insight into arts festivals – music, dance, theatre and interdisciplinary – from 38 countries. It stimulates artistic cooperation, supports young artistic managers, passes on know-how from renowned international festivals to newcomers and, last but not least, collaborates with festivals all over the world. In 2010, on the occasion of the 2010 European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, EFA launched its project “Open The Door”. Under the motto “Festivals: Open Doors. Open Minds. Build Societies!” EFA highlights the transformative power of arts and culture in our societies today and showcases examples that demonstrate the privileged position of festivals for providing means for all to experience culture. What’s more, in 2010 and 2011, EFA implements a broad array of activities in Europe and across the world, ranging from networking and training opportunities to publications projects: a first meeting between the associations of festivals in Europe and Asia in Shanghai/China in September 2010 within the framework of the World Expo; the EFA Conference in Varna/Bulgaria in April 2011; the third edition of the European Atelier for Young Festival Managers in Izmir/Turkey from 23-30 October 2011; the publication of EFA BOOKS 5, the fifth volume of the EFA BOOKS series; and joint projects with the European House for Culture in Brussels – to name but a few activities. Through its initiatives, the Association raises awareness of the vital role played by festivals in today’s world. EFA President Darko Brlek underlines: “In 2012, the European Festivals Association celebrates its 60th anniversary – 60 years of bold initiatives that aim to open doors to Europe and the world! Since its foundation in 1952, EFA has grown into an open and dynamic network. Based in Brussels and Ghent, close to where international cultural policy is made, EFA’s role is to support festivals in their important mission.” An eBrochure as well as all up-to-date information about festivals and their programmes, the European Festivals Association and its activities are available on the EFA website at or at Related links and documents: • Press release in English, French and German