EFAcast - Klarafestival

In this first episode of the brand new EFAcast, Simon Mundy meets Joost Fonteyne, the intendant of our EFA Member Klarafestival (Belgium).

The sign above the Lost Property office at Wuppertal station proclaims: “es ist noch nicht alles verloren!” (“All is not lost!”) With this phrase in mind, Klarafestival 2021 has slowly but surely taken form. It is a response to the pandemic that is currently gripping the world. Because of this, Klarafestival 2021 will be a digital festival featuring 12 different audiovisual projects: familiar classics, forgotten gems and a good number of new pieces to offer hope and comfort. The festival is also looking ahead. Can we maintain the same relationship with our environment in the post-coronavirus era? What can, and must, be done differently? Discover more from 13 until 22 March! 

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